Bose Companion 2 Series III — Clean, Simple, Lovable

Fits my needs really well

* Compact size to put on desk.

* Simple wiring to keep connected with computer, never gonna have connection problems.

* Super easy set up, ready in minutes (no buggy apps, e.g. Google Home, required~!)

Companion 2 Series III (Picture Source: BOSE)

Sound Quality

* Very clean sound! Clean as in you can’t hear the white noisy in the background when playing music. The cleanness comes with the trade-off at what people may argument the music is a little “flat” or “less dynamic”. I found this trade-off entertain my taste. A clean sound is more important to me than more dynamic sound, especially when thinking hard in the mid of the night.

* Clean sound at all volumes.

* Clear and crips highs (not as crisps as I expected, but super good already.)

* Decent bass (more bass than I expected these two small speakers)

* Even though I said it is not as crisp in tremble and more bass than I expected, don’t get me wrong, this set of speaker is toned to play tremble really well and not meant to be thunder-makers, which is want I want. Considering I listen to instrumental at most time, this (more tremble and less bass) is the trade-off that I wanted.

Comparing with more expensive speakers

* Limited by its size and 2.0 set up, even if you would to pay as much as up to $300, the sound improvement would be marginal (Sorry, this point is more of a hypothesis than a fact. I do not have a $300 computer speaker to compare with. However, I have read several online reviews who has a more expensive speaker to compare with and hold the same opinoin).

* Doesn’t have all the “smart” features I do not want (voice control etc.), I love my physical volume knob (which it has) for volume control! (Just like BMW keeps the physical knob for volume control and tuning). (As oppose to Cadililac and Nest Audio who uses “fake” touch control buttons and Amazon Echo who use two buttons for volume up and down). I mean touch buttons are fancy, but some times, I just want to keep it simple and functional with a knob.

Comparing with bluetooth connection

* Never, never going to have connection issues (for BT speakers, how many times do you have to re-pair your device!)

* No audio delay in the stereo setting what-so-ever!

In Summary

* Such a clean, easy, competent and lovable product! Happy purchase and loving it!

Disclaimer: the review is NOT sponsored.




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Alan Tu

In between the two big ears are ideas!

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